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About Volunteer Registration

regi2.gifRegistering as a member of Medical Volunteer Network is completely voluntary. Simply because you have registered, this does not mean you have to participate in a clinical trial, take health checks, or that you will be forced to do anything. Therefore, please do not be afraid to register.

How About a Free Health Check?

By registering as a volunteer, you can take a simple health check free of charge. Also, at the time of your examination, we will pay a fixed rate to cover your transportation expenses.

Handling of Personal Information

regi3.gifMedical Volunteer Network (a part of the P-one Clinic Volunteer Association) adheres to "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" in managing the personal information of individuals who participate in any clinical trial carried out at P-one Clinic.

Note that the information you provide at the time of registration may be disclosed to other volunteer associations and similar organizations, which are legally bound to protect confidentiality in the same way, in order to check whether you are participating in overlapping clinical trials and that you meet participation requirements.

Information provided by volunteers during registration will be consulted at the time of volunteer recruiting and registrants may be contacted individually by email, telephone or post about matters related to clinical trials at P-one clinic. Also, please note that in order to complete volunteer registration, you will be required to consent to the above.

Volunteer Comments/1

Mr.M, Tokyo

I participated in a clinical trial for the first time in May last year after my friend introduced me. The hospitalization period was long but we were able to leave the clinic in the second half and I passed the time much more comfortably than expected. During the trial, my lifestyle was moderate and my body felt great. I participated again in April this year and the only tough part was not being able to drink alcohol. If I have another opportunity, I’d like to participate again.

Volunteer Comments/2

Mr.T, Chiba

Going back and forth from Chiba to the clinic is tough, so I mainly participate in trials with an overnight stay. When staying at the clinic, it’s all about how well you can kill the time. That’s why the best thing to do is make friends with the other participants early. Everyone participating in the trial shares a similar mindset, so we get through the trial with a sense of solidarity.

Volunteer Comments/3

Mr.K, Gunma

I want to participate in clinical trials whenever possible. All the doctors and staff at P-one are really kind. When I participated in a trial recently, they gave me a birthday present. But I was a bit embarrassed when everyone sang me Happy Birthday in the dorm…

Volunteer Comments/4

Mr.S, Saitama

I participated in a trial that required commuting to the clinic. It was great to go in for a regular doctor’s examination and check up on my health.